Making The Cut

At Simonton Hardwood Lumber, we produce and supply durable mats, along with other lumber products. We cut our mat lumber from select timber, ensuring a tough, dense mix of oak and other hardwoods for durability. With four generations of sawmill knowledge and experience, we have developed a process that emphasizes quality, personal service and an integration of environmental values.


We scout timber to find quality oak and other hardwood trees to make our mats. Our timber is purchased ahead of time to supply any size hardwood products our customers need. We select-cut, skid and log quality oak and a mix of hardwood logs back to our mill. Having our own timber crews and an abundance of hardwood timber ensures our ability to fill customer specific orders quickly and with quality lumber.


We scale and grade our logs in preparation of cutting lumber and filling customer specific orders. The focus of our sawyers is making precise cuts to ensure quality and consistency, while also remaining mindful of productivity and efficiency.

Building & Trucking

We are commited to building durable, quality mats. And that commitment of excellence continues on the road, all the way through delivery to our customers.

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Hardwood Timbers destined for South Africa